Hearing Aid Fittings

First Fitting

Once you’ve selected a hearing aid, Sam will program them to precisely meet your hearing levels. He will give you a thorough introduction to your new devices, including how to insert and remove them, how to clean them, and how to replace their batteries. Our risk-free 60 day trial on all of our models ensures that our patients have plenty of time to get used to their hearing aid, or return them for a full refund should they decide it’s not the right model.

Follow Up Fittings

After the first fitting, we then schedule a follow-up appointment for two weeks later for any small adjustments, but encourage our patients to contact us at any time if their hearing aid is uncomfortable or problematic. After the first follow-up appointment, we then schedule check-in appointments every three months, but always with the caveat that our patients contact us should they need anything in between.

Helpful Tips

Wearing hearing aids can take some getting used to, so be patient with the process and know that as your brain adjusts to registering long-lost sounds again, it will all begin to feel more normal. We suggest a gradual approach, and encourage our patients to wear their hearing aids for just a few hours on the first day, and then increasing their usage by an hour each successive day.

It’s also advised to try to interact with people you’re familiar within those first few days, so it will be easy to let them know that you’re getting used to your new hearing aids. In the beginning, it’s best to use your hearing aids in quiet spaces, with one-on-one conversations. More difficult listening situations, like a crowded room with many conversations, will be approachable once you’ve adjusted to your hearing aid settings.


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