Hearing Evaluations

The journey to better hearing begins with a hearing evaluation. We offer complimentary hearing evaluations to assess what level your hearing is currently at, and what solutions would best serve you. This initial appointment with us is usually one hour long, and typically looks like this:

Hearing History

We ask that you fill out our patient intake form before the appointment begins, which covers important aspects of your medical history and family history. Sam will review this form with you and discuss any factors that may currently be affecting your hearing, such as side effects from certain medications or conditions.

Ear Exam

Sam will examine your ear canal and eardrum using a viewing device called an otoscopy. This is a brief and comfortable exam, and allows him to see if there are any obstructions in the canal or damage to the eardrum itself, both of which can contribute to hearing impairment.

Hearing Test

You will then sit in a soundproof room while wearing headphones, and Sam will walk you through three tests: the Air Conduction Test, Bone Conduction Test, and Speech Recognition Test. Once complete, your results will be printed.

Review Results

Your level of hearing ability will be printed in a visual chart called an audiogram, and the results of your Speech Recognition Test are recorded as a percentage. Sam will go over your results with you and answer any questions you might have. He thoroughly explains what the results reveal about your hearing capacity, and also the common factors that may have affected your hearing (for better or for worse) in your unique situation. If necessary, you and Sam will also review the best options for treating your hearing loss.


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